The host city, Daegu, offers extensive international transportation links through three major international airports: Daegu international airport, Gimhae international airport, and Incheon international airport.

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Incheon International Airport (Airport Code: ICN)

Incheon International Airport is the hub airport of Korea, which connects 140 cities in 40 countries. There is a transfer flight from Incheon airport to Daegu airport operated by Korean Air. For using this flight, reservation is required and the immigration process for passengers will be made at Daegu airport. For ground transportation from Incheon airport to Dong- Daegu Express Bus Terminal or Dong-Daegu Train Station, there are several ways. (Dong- Daegu Train Station is next to Dong-Daegu Express Bus Terminal.)

2. Daegu International Airport (Airport Code: TAE)

Daegu has an international airport which connect several cities in Asia. It is connected to 20 cities in 8 countries as shown in the Table below. If you fly from Asian countries such as Beijing, Tokyo Narita, Bangkok, direct flight to Daegu (TAE) will be a good choice. If you land on Incheon/Seoul airport, you can transfer for the flight to Daegu which is operated by Korean Air. Please check travel agency or airlines webpages for details.

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Gimhae (Busan) International Airport (Airport Code: PUS)

It is connected to 41 cities in 12 countries. It is about 70 minutes away from Dong-Daegu (East Daegu) Bus Terminal by airport limousine service. The limousine bus fare is KRW 11,600 (about USD $10) for one-way. For details, please visit the website of Gimhae (Busan) airport.

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A) AREX (Airport Railroad Express):
AREX is a train between Incheon airport Terminals and Seoul KTX Station. It offers Express Train and All-stop Train. A brief schedule is given below. The express train offers a nonstop service between Incheon airport terminal 1/2 and Seoul KTX Station. The all-stop train stops every station in the route. More details can be found at the AREX homepage.

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B) KTX (KORAIL Korea Train Express)
KTX is the major express train in Korea. Once you arrive at Seoul KTX Station, you can take this train to Dong-Daegu. For details, please visit the webpage by clicking here.

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C) KTX at Gwang-Myeong Station
Another way to get to Dong-Daegu KTX Station is take the KTX at Hwang-Myeong Station. First, you need to move from Incheon airport to Gwang-Myeong KTX Station by limousine bus. Information on the limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Gwang- Myeong KTX Station and from Gwang-Myeong KTX Station to Dong-Daegu KTX Station is given in the table below.

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D) Limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Dong-Daegu Express Bus Terminal
There is a limousine bus service which connects Incheon airport to Dong-Daegu Express Bus Terminal directly. It takes about 4 hours and the one-way fare is KRW 35,800. The details can be found in the airport website.

E) Daegu Bus Line Guide & Useful Maps
Daegu boasts its excellent domestic links. Public Transportation is clean, fast, and affordable. Daegu International airport to Grand Hotel will take approximately 20 minutes by taxi (estimated fare: USD 7) and 30 minutes by bus. (estimated fare: USD 1)
Daegu Bus Website:
Naver MAP(IOS) :
Naver MAP(Android) :

Dongdaegu Station → Grand Tourist Hotel

- Bus 814: ~ 20 min(walk 3min), 1,400 KRW
Taxi: ~ 10 min, 4,000 ~ 5,000 KRW
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Daegu International Airport → Grand Tourist Hotel

Taxi: 15~20 min, 7,000 ~ 8,000 KRW
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Korea has special agreements for visa-free entry with 115 countries. Visitors from these countries may stay in Korea for 30-90 days without visa. More details can be found at If your passport is not issued by one of these countries, please contact the LOC to apply for an entrance visa.

A letter of invitation will be sent by the symposium secretary upon request to help participants to obtain a visa. Applications for invitation letters should be received 2 months before the conference.
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Accommodations & Meals

The venue, The Grand Hotel Daegu, offers various types of rooms from luxury class to business class. Through the negotiation with the hotel, we block the rooms at the reduced cost of around USD $ 100-120 per night. In addition, there are many cheap nearby hotels at the cost of about USD $ 50-70 per night. Some of them are within walking distances and others can be reached by subway (about USD $ 1.00 per trip) from the workshop venue. The details can be found at the workshop homepage.

During the workshop, complimentary lunches will be offered to all participants. There are many tasting restaurants around the venue and the participants can enjoy various foods at reasonable prices.